Young Adults Initiatives

1st National Sports day was hosted across 4 regions bringing together more than 600 devotees. The aim of this event was to commence the year on a unified, healthy and fun note.

Covid-19 posed mental and health challenges as well as physical demands. This disruption in lives and livelihoods took an emotional toil on Young Adults and greatly impacted their mental health.

The Lockdown webinar focused on aspects such as mental health, finances and mindfullness and yoga.

The Online quiz was aimed at bringing together Young Adults in a fun way. This quiz was a great learning curve as it covered questions relating to Swami's life, Educare, Sai Literature, the veda's and general Sai trivia.

The LOTUS program consists of various Sub-committees such as Ukwazi. Open Mic, InSaider, Expressions of Sai and Health & Wellbeing. The program currently has over 300 Members registered for the various programs.

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For the first time in South Africa, Br Deviesh Tankaria had addressed our Dear Sai lions.

Br Deviesh had shared his personal experiences with Bhagawan, which inspired & empowered Young Adults.

Musical Offerings

To commemorate June 16th, a musical offering "One God One love" was offered to our Lord, as we come together to experience HIM in our hearts.

Listen to the this amazing offering click the video below.

This Guide was compiled to assist YA’s who currently hold a position within the SSIO-SA and encourage YA’s

to serve and continue Swami’s legacy. This guide, outlines the roles and responsibilities of Young Adult.

LOTUS Development Course