Young Adults Activities

The Centre Operations Manual (21:2017) explains and provides a detailed breakdown structure of how young adults should plan events, YA’s should engage in activities suitable for their age to bring forth and develop their talents and self-esteem in a morally erudite way. YA meetings and programmes should include educational and devotional activities, with a strong emphasis on selfless service, including:

Devotion: prayer, meditation, devotional singing, study of Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings.

Retreats/conferences: workshops for personal enrichment, motivational speakers.

Education: computer literacy, education in human values, vocational training, mentoring.

Service: soup kitchens, disaster relief, blood donation, medical camps, Serve the Planet, Public Outreach engagement (95th Village Adoption), Pet programs.

Culture: music concerts, drama, poetry, devotional songs, radio programmes.

Young Adult development: International leadership training, YA Development programme, Ocean of music initiatives LASA project, Sadhana of Love programme Sai Lens – Capturing all moments spent in service, LOTUS (Leaders of Tomorrow United by Sai).

Miscellaneous: Go-Green initiatives, YA sports day, media training.

Participation in SSE Programmes: provide inspiring, creative ideas to enhance the understanding of what is being taught and help those in SSE Group 4 to transition to the YA programme. My School card project.